Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My thoughts on modern art

As you may have noticed, the title for this article (which may be very unaptly chosen) is 'My thoughts on modern art' and as I sit down to write with a cup of tea at my side on the back of an interesting day visiting the Tate Modern and The Photographers Gallery, i find my brain surprisingly numb!

What did I think? I didn't think, flickering between boredom and anger (which was all the exhibitions managed to evoke) I couldn't even muster the effort to write down the names of the artists and exhibitions that I wanted to write about. Lucky for you, my valued readers, i'm sure I can just about manage to condense into words the sheer genius and talent that I witnessed.

What did I see? Well there was some mannequins covered in fiberglass (?) that looked like brown sticky tape, which some pretentious wanker, as I observed, chanced to enlighten his children about with his bold insights into the artists motivations (''They look like humans, yes.. but.. unformed, it's almost as if they haven't had chance to experience life'' not as stupid as it sounds, of course, when you consider that he's technically right. They are manuiqins after all..) I also saw what was essentially a small brick wall on it's side, minus the mortar/concrete. It's amazing that the work of an unqualified bricklayer would be considered worthy of exhibition.  
Image from The Independant

Another fantastic piece took me by surprise as I asked my companion "Oh.. wait, is this an actual piece? I thought they had taken the ventilation shafts out of the ceiling'' No prizes for guessing what it was (although if you really want to know it was venilation shafts!..)

Now I know that taking the piss out of modern art is a cliché, but for anyone reading this thinking 'oh he just doesn't 'get' it', it has to stop! I admit i'm uncultured, I don't know much about art, art history, art techniques (*I do know piling bricks isn't an 'art technique') but from my point of view, anyone who says they do 'get it' just wants to be part of the club, it's mindless- and for me very reminiscent of religious fanatics who are so much 'holier than thou' (I once had an experience with a gentleman older than myself who had found god who told me very matter-of-factly that I was just an ignorant young lad and i'd see one day what i've been too ignorant to see up to now)

 Admittedly, I was excited at seeing Picasso, Braques and Dali pieces in person, having written so much about them for art class in school. But this was art that was groundbreaking (as opposed to shoddy 'ground building', a la 'The Bricks') and i'm ashamed to say that Modern art has come to mean wanker fuel for people in turtle necks with ironic beards (not that i wouldn't grow one if i wasn't so folically challenged!)

It wasn't all that bad.. not really, I just like having a cynical chip on my shoulder as I assume it makes for funnier reading than a 'diary entry' blog.
The surrealist exhibition was actually very cool, i'm not going to post any Dali or anything- instead here's a couple artists I liked that I hadn't heard of, more for myself for future referance but feel free to check them out -

Ibrahim El-Salahi

Alberto Giacometti

and from the Photographers gallery, i thought that the Tom Wood exhibition was interesting and worth a look!

Good night folks!

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