Thursday, April 28, 2011

Get yo'self Burgered

A long time favourite doodler of mine Jon Burgerman has started a facebook page where you can submit pictures of yourselves and he *might* sketch you :-) (good odds considering he normally gets paid for this sort of thing) I've already put in, I suggest you guys head over and do the same!
Clicky Clicky

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dunny 2010

Say hello to my awesome new friends :-)
Sneakyracoon Damarakthedestroyer dunny

Designed by Sneakyracoon (in the black) and the supposedly rare chase by DamaraktheDestroyer, in the clear neon green :-)
I've always been a fan of the kidrobot vinyl toys particularly the dunnys, so I treated myself to a few.. It's dangerous because I already want more :-)
I'll have to subdue the urge at least until the summer, I don't have the money right now..
Other than finding a place to house these guys i've had buckets of work to do (to do being the phrase.. it's definitely not getting done)
6.05am, time to throw on some Red bar radio and get some sleep!
Smell you later

So it begins..

I've had a million blogs and websites and i've never updated them consistently.. don't stick around, it'll be a waste of your time..