Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Spa // Catch up!

Evening one and all! Pull up a seat, grab a beverage and prepare yourself for a text-wall of mediocre anecdotes and a very hit and miss attempt at injecting humour into my dull and dreary life.
Well it aint all that bad.

Today i've been working on a couple of little graphics for my bosses new show 'The Spa' which starts tonight at 9pm on Sky Living! I've already watched a couple of episodes and I personally guarantee that you will LOL, ROFL and LYFAO.

Now in a few of my recent posts I started to get very lazy, summarising what i've been doing with myself through a few decent pictures rather than words- which I imagine is very similar to being forced to watch your friends 'holiday slideshow' only worse. I'm not your friend and i've not been on holiday! But today, ladies and gentlemen, will be different. Different in the sense that i've been very lazy with the camera as well, and all my pictures seem to be shoddy, blurry messes. Well that about summarises my last few weeks anyway.

What have I been up to?
I've had a drink or two, because why not!

 My favourite being this little gem of a cocktail (which I 'had to try', but luckily didn't have to pay for)

Can you see the fear in my eyes???
In a little trendy cocktail bar (of course, now I'm all 'soho' and 'media) which actually enforces a 'no ties allowed' rule- and due to my incessantly weak bladder forced me to enter into a room thereby admitting I am, in fact, a Bastard.

Here's another little gem from the menu, which fortunately I didn't try!

But of course my dear readers, drinking isn't all that I do. That would be a real problem. I also very occasionally gamble, and rarer still, walk out with 15x my investment!

Ahh, how happy I was before I realised that 2/3 of this is going to pay my rent

We had some very cold weather here in London, so to celebrate I decided to spend money on some awesome short sleeve tshirts from the very talented australian doodler Paul 'Doodlehead' Webster
You should definitely go and have a look, they're very unique and charming!

We can't all be micky :-(
Right. I'm off for a curry- make sure again you check out 'The Spa' at 9pm on Sky Living HD!

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