Thursday, April 26, 2012

Best friends forever

I figured it would be worth posting up this video I made in 2009! It was for a college project called 'The 39 Steps', we were given 39 different camera/edit techniques and we had to find a way to use all of them. I think I used 38 in the end cause the dolly was very rough on the concrete and I didn't know how to stabilize film footage! Unfortunately I can't find the original high def edit so I only have this compressed verison..

Monday, April 23, 2012

Film W.I.P #2

Rap and animation

Four awesome animated rap music videos! Just a heads up, some of these are pretty 'NSFW' (Crude language, adult themes, rape, drugs etc!)

Dance with the devil, by Immortal Technique with animated visuals by German animation student Viola Baier.  Love this song and I think that the visuals really compliment the story! I recommend checking out her blog, there's a trailer for another film that is just as cool!

  Pretty dark but again I think that the animation compliments it very well. There is a reaction video of his uncle hearing the song for the first time and more videos of this guy shooting up heroin. It's very sad and I just saw that he died in 2010.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Teachers pet, Gary Baseman

Tonight will be a night of nostalgia! My sister reminded me of the cartoon series Teachers Pet that I used to watch when I was younger, based on the art of the incredibly awesome Gary Baseman
(who also happens to design very cool Vinyl toys!)

The general premise is that there is a Dog that wants nothing more than to become a boy, who likes to dress up and go to school along with his Owner/Best friend Leonard. But for me the main appeal was the background art and the animation which in my opinion is brilliant!

Anyway, apparantly in 2004 they released a feature length Teachers Pet film that completely slipped by me, I've lined it up to watch tonight- I just hope it's as fun as I remember!

Check out some of Baseman's work, it's definitely worth it!

The Plymptons

New york indie animator Bill Plympton made this intro for the simpsons which aired on the 15th of april!
I like the style, and it's particularly cool to see that on something like the Simpsons!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Film W.I.P

Taking me a stupid amount of time to get this door right, but I like the Dust and Leaves! just putting this up to show someone right now so it will eventually be replaced with the 'completed' shot, missing a character right now!

Edit : Got the character in there now, just cleaning it up!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Custom Munny #3

I produced this guy through a random attack of insomnia- just in time to notice that there's a custom Munny competition happening over at the Kidrobot London store!
Hopefully i'll be producing a couple of entries for that- after I finish up this guy and get some actual important work done!
This is only my 3rd custom, and I am finding it a hell of alot easier to understand what to do and how not to ruin it/how to correct bits that go wrong. I am now just on the hunt for a decent clear coat to use that wont make sharpies bleed, any suggestions?
W.I.P, stay tuned!

Saturday, April 7, 2012