Sunday, January 22, 2012


I found a link to 's blog which really is an awesome example of how to use colour and how to do it right! (

It's great to see alot of black and white paints with a great range of value along with some very bright saturated pictures!

  I was watching James and the Giant Peach and I noticed alot of blue/orange contrasts and mixes.. I also noticed alot of playing with saturation for dreams, memories and reality. Take a look at the differences in some of these shots!

Nightmare before christmas

I was watching The Nightmare before Christmas again and I noticed alot of excellent techniques that I'd not 'seen' before, mainly the use of colour and lighting in a very expressive way.
(For example, during the song where Jack tries to explain the point of christmas to the townsfolk- when he mentions 'sandy claws' in a very sinister way the lights dim and he is lit with a strong red glow)

I also thought that the different towns were very different in terms of colour. Halloween town was very desaturated and had alot of cool, dark hues, whereas Christmas town was alot more saturated and 'warm' feeling.

I thought that this was a great use of colour because it not only establishes where we are and helps to remind the audience that 'Christmas town' is supposed to be another 'world'- but I also feel that the two towns give me the same gut feeling as the actual holidays themselves- which in conclusion is what I think makes this a classic that I will always appreciate.

Monday, January 16, 2012

2nd Year Pre-production

I haven't slept for about 30-something hours now so I apologise if this doesn't read very well, but I'm hoping the visuals will be enough to entertain all of my fictional readers.
Today was my deadline (very rushed might I add) for my pre-production work for a short film. I'll spare you the pages of text and simply abbreviate the general story;

A young boy finds himself in trouble after stealing a witch doctors staff, when he realises the staff has magic properties that can bring his drawings to life..

There's a bit more to it than that, but i'm not sure if the film will ever be made so i'll leave you with some of my picks of the pre-prod process. As always, click to enlarge and enjoy!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Pre-production #1 Witch doctor!


A few little sketches from some film pre-production, whaddaya think?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dunny 2011!

My first two pulls from the 2011 series, not my favourites but I like them.
The Huck Gee zombie and Chuckboys strange bondage looking thing!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The value of value

Hello again ladies and gents- onwards we shall go through the fascinating world of colour to our next destination, value!
Put simply, value is the science of using colour in response to the lighting conditions or the need to convey emotions in your compostition. If you were to take most good compositions in any medium and make them grayscale, you'd usually find that they work in black and white too. This is, in part, thanks to that delightful chap mr Value!

If there are alot of very contrasting values, the scene with have depth to it (For example a darkened forground, and a lightened background)
Whereas if there is very little contrast in value, the image will seem very flat and connected!