Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer time, when the living's easy

Hello and welcome my loyal readers! 'Where have you been?!' I can hear you screaming at me, as I glance over your shoulder to the depressing dimmed candles and cold food, indicating that I should have been home hours ago...
and my response, ladies and gentlemen, (before you start smashing vases and throwing my clothes out the top floor window) is that ''The train was late, we've been hectic at work and they needed me there''.
This poor metaphorical situation is of course supposed to excuse my lack of posts and general creativity for the entire summer- and it is a very good excuse.. if you ignore the lipstick on my work shirt collar.

So what HAVE I been doing?

I've been working full time (often more than full time) hours in a bar in central london, which has been very interesting in spite of the 1-3 hour travel time each way. I've had good times and bad times there, but the most important thing is that i've lost alot of weight working there and having my arse physically kicked.
Unfortunately I also realised how much I really hate sitting at a computer day in, day out.. (Hence my summer technology rebellion) and how much better it feels to just be active, busy and PHYSICALLY tired out rather than mentally drained every night!

and what else?

Well I turned 21 in May- I've never really done alot on my birthday but this year it felt like loads of people made an effort which was a great surprise :-) (See the picture below, I got a bag of cool shit from some friends I really haven't known all that long! It was very nice)

Time to start being an adult, I guess..

(JK JK here's a pic of me bangin' a statue)

I have been keeping a sketchbook, though! Most of it is very rough and you're not likely to see it unless I clean up/develop any ideas (or you steal my backpack on the central line)

p.s I saw this in Tesco. It made me giggle so I thought it would be worth sharing.

Now I'm fuly aware that noone actually reads this thing and noone has been dissapointed or outraged by my brief dissapearance but I wanted to get back into the swing of writing down my thoughts and deepest inner emotions so I can one day be a real artist and pretentiously bullshit my way through exhibitions (it's all good practice)

Smell ya later, here's a picture of the shard!


Some postcards I just realised weren't on this site anymore, most of which I sent to my sister, if you want one send me an email! :-)