Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Old videos!

So much nostalgia, ladies and gentlemen!
I recently re-stumbled upon some old videos that I made before/during college some 3-4 years ago!
As much as they make me cringe they also bring back good memories so here they are for all to see, hope they make you smile!

Attack of the blobs!
Fresh out of my GCSE's we were given a summer project to do before college which was simply titled 'heaven and hell on the isle of man' (of course I left it until 2 or 3 days before)
We had to show these in front of all our new class mates and embarassingly I was the only one who made a film rather than photographs- it was a long 2 minutes but it went down well!
Shot on a crappy digital camera that kept running out of batteries and animated in flash.
Awful sound, shoddy animation and terrible slow-mo stunts but it still makes me chuckle!

Best Friends Forever
Probably my favourite- we were given 39 camera techniques to use, I think i used 38 in the end. Absolute nonsense, but it made people laugh.

How to be a Man
My tutors hated this.. and I understand why, really. The brief was an 'instructional or how to video', so mine didn't really sit in well with all the 'how to maintain your guitar' and 'how to bake a cake' videos.
Basically unscripted and unplanned, very hit and miss, but it had a small cult following.. cough

Watermelon Man
We were given songs and asked to film something. Filmed with only one watermelon head, would you believe! Very slow going (and not that exciting!)

I've got a feeling that these will be more interesting for me rather than anyone else who reads this blog (but then I have a very strong feeling not noone reads this blog!)

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